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You Can Build It Talk Show, Episode #374

You Can Build It Talk Show, Episode #374


A broad spectrum of callers

joined us in episode #374 of the

You Can Build It Talk Show.

Fantastic guests joined us. We chatted about using Video Book Trailers, Self-publishing, and Marketing.

The question always comes up about Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing.

What is the way to go?

Joined by Jawara King, Lorrie Pollina, Anthony Michalski of Kallisti Publishing, Barbara Grassey also known as the “The Book Boss”,  Leland Best, Live Video Expert,

James Strauss

James Strauss, author

and James Strauss from The Geneva Shore Report, and James Strauss.

Some candid and irreverent comments by James Strauss and Barbara Grassey. This show is never edited for the Politically Correct Mindset.

Not Politically Correct

Leland Best, Video Expert

Leland Best, Video Expert

Anthony Michalski, Kallisti Publishing

Anthony Michalski, Kallisti Publishing

So listen with caution if you are sensitive. No publishers were harmed during this podcast.


Barbara Grassey

Barbara Grassey, Fiction and Non-Fiction author


Download mP3 file Here

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