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Your BALANCE SHEET, Life and Business

Your BALANCE SHEET, Life and Business

Winding to the end of the First month of the New Year still finds me working on Plans for 2018. Looking at last year’s Balance Sheet has been helpful in projecting the desire Increase for 2018 and beyond…

But how many of us spend time studying another important component of  Building Your Business, The Balance Sheet of Life.

Life without balance can cost you your relationships. Life without balance can cost you your health. Life without balance can cost you your spirituality. Life without balance can cost you your wealth and your happiness. So find things to motivate you from all areas of life. Your success depends on it.” —Jim Rohn

It simple to establish a  Business Plan, Cash Flow Projections and discuss the excitement of Achieving Your Dreams; but I believe every truly successful person, those able to endure the course, also developed the skill of Balancing their Life, Health and Relationships most dominate.

Darren Hardy, Publisher of Success Magazine, has offered a powerful FREE Course, Design Your 10 Best Years Now connected to his Blog, Insider’s Guide to Success.

I would encourage everyone to sign up for this inspiring Course. Interesting side Note: Success Magazine was originally Founded by Orison Swett Marden in 1887, the Author of the Classic, The Miracle of Right Thought.

For a free Copy  Click Here:

Miracle of Right Thought

24 Responses to “Your BALANCE SHEET, Life and Business”

  1. Chuck Bartok says:

    Really appreciate your input, Nancy. Life is such an exciting journey

  2. This absolutely true about life and being successful. Everything that touches us in our life is important. It is hard not to get totally focused on one thing we enjoy and let it consume us. I think we have to learn how to turn off the valve turn on another while learning to smoothly flow enjoying all that life has given us.
    I was a strict planner but now if the unexpected happens I have learning to just flow with it.

  3. Chuck says:

    Thanks for you input Martin,
    your site is intriguing and so is thew one referenced The Happiness Circle
    It seems we share much in common. Lets hook up via phone soon.

  4. Martin Gysler says:

    Hi Chuck,

    An interesting and logical analysis (for me) about the business and balance (I like the posts from Darren Hardy and also quotes from Jim Rohn).

    Of course, the world in general is not really interested that we take care of this matter, because the mentality of most people (often the high-level management included) is very poor in this area.

    I am interested in this life approach for a long time and I look all the time for ideas to improve my skills in this area.

    A friend of mine has created a website where he talks about this kind of approach to life ( take a look at it, maybe this will interest you.

    Cheers and a great week.

  5. Chuck says:

    Wayne…I am so appreciative of your comment. I would love to chat personally and maybe have you join us live on our Talk Show.
    I will personally try to get in touch.
    Keep up the positive attitude

  6. Wayne Evans says:

    At 76 years young. I remember my mother reading think and Grow Rich during the later days of the great depression. It seemed to bring her encouragement then, especially since my father left when I was one year old. Like her, I have tried to live a positive thinking life. Thanks to your downloads, I am reading this fine book years later as I am trying to write at least one book about my having survived more than 10 deadly accidents, including plane crashes. Re-reading this great book may just give me more insite as to why I am still here but so many others didn’t make it. Please keep up the great work.

  7. Chuck Bartok says:

    Dave Riebe…..
    Thank you for your responses.
    I believe , my friend, that balance is Attainable, as is almost anything Valid.
    No I can’t get Pregnant!
    And you know I believe we can Train our Subconscious to the Business mindset.
    Visit the survey on the Squidoo Lense
    Mindset of an Entrepreneur

  8. Dave Riebe says:

    If balance is unattainable then what mindset do we adopt to manage our lives with?

  9. Dave Riebe says:

    The creative intelligence has balance and we try to keep attuned to how we each react to what life brings to us,good and bad.

  10. Chuck says:

    This statement is what I alluded to earlier.
    Our days are a “Balance”, to use that word, of being US
    We know our responsibilities.
    To ourselves and others
    We must accept them,
    and strive for the completion of our “tasks”
    which include all aspect of living, by the end of Day.

    And as we have stated on
    Focus Society of Overachievers so many times,
    our days and Lives are in a constant State of Flow,
    and direction
    can change quickly.
    So we are always braced for the nuances.

  11. Matt Geib says:

    So all you folks that speak of having ‘BALANCE” how would you respond to this quote?

    “I’m a great believer in harmony, but BALANCE is bogus.”

    “Many teachers talk about balance, & guess what ? Not ONE of THEM is balanced….Balance in this world cannot be achieved,so get over it.Think of a scale. In perfect balance, nothing’s happeneing. There’s no dynamism, no life or vibrancy. Now think of a jazz band in action-the life & vibrancy are palpable, aren’t they? The performers in this band have less to do with playing the melody as written & more to do with IMPROVISING.They give life to nuance & the music takes shape in the moment.That’s harmony.The different parts aren’t BALANCED-sometimes the saxophone leads. Sometimes it’s the Bass, or the Drum or Lead Guitar. Whichever instrument is out in front at the moment, they’re all contributing, all creating that amazing thing called music.Each muscian plays his part of a magical,magnificent whole.”

    “I want you to think of your life like this. When you’re in harmony some days your parenting skills will lead. Other times it’ll be your job or your school. On certain ocasions your marriage will take center stage. Sometimes your going to be running on two hours’ sleep…It may not be pretty, but that may be just what it takes to finish the business plan that lands you the big dollars……….if you had been IN PERFECT BALANCE, you never would have pulled those crazy hours to begin with, & look at what you would have MISSED………’re NEVER GOING TO BE IN PERFECT BALANCE,nor would you want to. PERFECT BALANCE is death, death of mind & spirit.”

    (Harmonic Wealth~~James Arthur Ray)


  12. Chuck says:

    Looking forward to the Journal.
    Brad also schedule a few Minutes for your Bio Update…..
    And Maybe we should move some of these ideas
    over to the Forum also

  13. Brad Parler says:

    Very valid point! I’m learning to plan my tomorrow’s today – which has been a huge help, and I’m not making epic sized list any more (I’ve dropped the productivity by volume approach).

    Also very soon I’ll share how I journal out my business activities to the group – I’m still fine tuning how I do this, and want to have a better grasp on what’s working for me in this process.

  14. Chuck says:

    Brad and all of the wonderful readers of this simple Post….

    This may sound impossible but I believe the balance can
    be tuned in daily, as Hugh suggests.

    I have never operated with a time table where certain Days
    were set asides, of course in our agricultural days,
    as the kids were growing up, we were together
    as a unit a lot of the time.

    Today thing are different, Empty nested.
    So I schedule a few Major Tasks for the day
    and then we “do our Other Things”

    I love to go to town and Shop and chores,
    but that is where I am also “working”.
    It provides opportunity to meet new people
    and sort through prospects
    I have observed and engaged.

    I try to stay with the Lord Daily..
    easy to do as we walk the river a couple times a day.

    Just some ramblings form my perspective

  15. Brad Parler says:

    I too am still trying to plan out 2010 and beyond, as you know my life took a great shift and I’ve been trying to keep up. I wish that I had the planning in place, so I’m running while planning now!

    May I encourage you all – to add to this conversation via comments on how you find balance? I attempt to reserve weekends for family and Sunday for the Lord. (this doesn’t always take place, but I attempt to).

  16. Hugh Liddle says:

    Keeping balance in our lives is not simply a matter of setting great goals at the beginning of the year, although that is vital. It is a matter of DAILY planning.

    At the end of each day (or first thing each morning) sit down in a quiet place and spend 20 minutes planning out the events of your day in great detail. Pay attention to each area of your life (Spiritual, Family, Physical, Career, Financial, Social, Mental, etc.). How much time do you want and need to devote to each area TODAY?

    Prioritize carefully to make sure you are covering all the bases. Daily planning is a dynamic and powerful tool in establishing and maintaining life balance.

    You will find that planning daily will quickly become a habit and a blessing!

    All the best,


  17. DA Riley says:

    Hi Chuck,

    First off thanks for the link to Darren Hardy’s blog… I found myself reading for quite some time after following the link. I have added it to my Google reader.

    My experience with life’s balance seems to center around the relationships I build. I have found that positive relationships with both online and offline people determine many of the other balance principles.

    Health, wealth, and well being are molded by the relationships you build. To prove my theory, simply lock yourself away from other people, and see how quickly the other things deteriorate.

    It is one of my goals for 2010 to further develop the positive relationships that I have, and to let go those that only cultivate negative attitudes and vibes.

    I am hoping by further developing a personal relationship with the members of my sites and other positive thinking online marketers, will create a more ‘real person’ mentality in the eyes of others. In return, I will achieve more of a life balance, creating less stress, maintain a healthy mind and body, and create a online wealth… which doesn’t just include financial compensation.


  18. Balance is something often spoken of, but how many of us really understand it. The reality is, many of us find ourselves and our lives unbalanced, not because of something we do intentionally, but rather just going through the flow of life.
    If you do not design your life by intention, it is very easy to get out of balance. It’s always amazing to me at the natural balance we find in nature, however, as humans we can get ourselves so out of balance without even trying.
    Much of this has to do with the “out of balance” nature of our society right now. There are many things listed in the previous comments such as finances etc, and it’s easy to see that our lives as a society are very out of balance. Keeping balance in your life (or at least pseudo-balance) requires constant effort.
    Go for it and make it a great day!

  19. MKWeb says:

    Balance is probably the most important aspect of life and business. Even our (US) government talks about ‘Checks and Balances’.

    If you were running a business that does nothing but spend (buying everything that pops up online) but never put up any affiliate ads or sales pages or never send out emails to your list, you will find that it will be pretty difficult to earn much from your business. Doing things exactly the opposite of that where you create one product and then continually promote that single product over and over, you are sure to find your sales will sooner or later start to slip.

    Balance in online marketing is much more than just buying products to sell or selling products to your lists. It must include researching what is needed (or being requested by the masses), what the latest trends are concerning advertising and product types, even what search terms are being used to find your type of product.

    An example is searching has become much better at finding ‘exact’ phrases instead of one or two keywords. If you do not update your marketing approach with this new approach will have your site dropping in search engines like a stone in a pond.

    So, in conclusion;
    Balance in business can include:
    Research Products
    Research Trends
    Develop (or purchase) new product(s)
    Develop New Marketing or advertising
    Review Profit and Loss statements each week or month to see where you need to adjust.
    Develop new clients and Customer Support

  20. Sam Camerano says:

    Life would not exist if it were not for balance.

    The current economic situation we are in is due to lack of balance. As we go through our daily life we need balance of the mind body and spirit.

    So to say balance is needed in our business life is positively essential. The people out there that think they can plop down some money and join an MLM or networking business without balancing the tasks needed to run a business may just as well go to the local casino and put their hard earned money into a slot machine, or buy a row of scratch lottery tickets.

    Business is a gamble, however it is a educated gamble just like purchasing an insurance policy. Your betting that you will get in a crash a or maybe die and the insurance company is betting that you won’t.

    However, they have a business plan with documents to validate that the risk they are running is lower therefore making them money. I am not saying that you shouldn’t have insurance; in this world it is best to be safe. I am just stating a fact that the balance is equal, Customer and insurance company are happy with the trade off.

    That is the way your networking, or any other type of, business should be.

  21. DianeStephenson says:

    (Strike a)Balance: to reach or achieve a state or position between extremes.
    Balance (synonyms): evenness, parity, stability, symmetry.

    When we go to extremes in any one area of our lives, we become overbalanced, unbalanced, off-balanced or imbalanced. This will not bring productivity or success, only instability and uncertainty.

    When we are unstable or unbalanced physically we tend to wobble, reel, take unsure steps and may frequently fall. So in business. Without stability we may frequently fall (fail). It’s a little like high school gym class when I had to walk the balance beam. I must admit it wasn’t my forte, to put it mildly. I often fell off.

    If we don’t have balance in our lives or our business, we become fragmented, without focus, and nothing seems to work or fit together. Like a jigsaw puzzle with some of the pieces missing. We just can’t make sense of anything.

    But when we stay on an even keel, balanced, we are whole and can confidently move forward toward success.

  22. Debra Morrison says:

    It is very important to have your vertical alignment in order. It is key for one to keep priorities in line with the way you are meant and designed to live life.

    Remember that trust is the foundation for all relationships and the only thing that we will take with us is the relationships that we build.

    Thank you for sharing the information!

  23. Chuck says:

    So true Ced, I appreciate your visit and sharing your Wisdom. Growing a successful business is a reality in a Balanced Life, especially for those who are pursuing a Passion

  24. Ced says:

    Balance is so important. It is so easy to get so focused on one element of life and miss the mark in other areas. Balance is a must.


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